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Circular Economy 4.0

Hardly any other lead environmental market profits as much from digitisation as the environmental service branch - it can become the decisive instrument for the dissemination and acceleration of the environmental service branch and for new opportunities through new business models.
Focus topic "Circular Economy 4.0" - Reduce, Repair, Reuse, Refurbish, Recycle. With results of our current scenario study 2030 and guided tour of the facilities of the Fraunhofer Project Group for Material Cycles and Resource Strategy IWKS
Future Business prepares the next complex trend topic with possible far-reaching effects for the entire mechanical and plant engineering sector. It does not only concern the currently much-discussed future of the plastics industry and waste and recycling technology, but all branches of industry with a connection to materials. Find out how you can contribute!

Autonomized Supply Chain

How will the digitalization and autonomization of value chains change mechanical engineering by 2030? The 4th VDMA Future Business Summit provided answers. Lectures and pictures for download ::    :: For Members
Digitization and networking are powerful drivers for the future of value creation networks worldwide. This changes production, economy and society as a whole - and therefore concerns all machinery and equipment manufacturers! Our fourth scenario study of the series "Images of the Future for Machinery and Equipment Engineering" for download upon request    :: For Members
Fundamental change in factory organization is imminent - Solutions for an increasingly networked world characterized by complexity and individualization - Fourth VDMA Future Business Summit presents scenarios and potential for the machinery industry
Thought through consistently to the end, Industry 4.0 means autonomisation: From platform economy and blockchain to autonomous mobility and data management - in Dortmund we show how digitalisation and networking are increasingly changing value chains and thus shaping the entire mechanical and plant engineering industry. Program and registration for download    :: For members
From smart contracts with blockchain to the organization of the "last mile" with drones - we show how digitization and networking are increasingly changing modern value chains and thus not only shaping logistics and production, but also the entire machinery and equipment engineering industry. Save the date: 20-21.03.2018!    :: For Members

Power-to-X and Climate Protection

The images "Power-to-X 2030" have set a starting point for the new Power-to-X for Applications (AG P2X4A) consortium, which was founded on 11.12.2018. The AG is focussing on this topic, which is important for energy system transformation, climate protection and sector coupling, with over 50 committed companies.
At the 3rd VDMA Future Business Summit, more than 80 participants discussed the top topic Power-to-X as a building block for global climate protection and the associated opportunities for mechanical engineering. Lectures and pictures for download    :: For members
Ambitious climate protection and greenhouse gas neutrality require great efforts in all sectors. Power-to-X, the conversion of electricity into other forms of energy, can make a significant contribution - our third scenario study in the series "Images of the future for machinery and equipment engineering" for download     :: For members
Electric power as the foundation for other forms of energy provides solutions for a wide range of applications - Mechanical engineering is a key industry for climate protection - Third VDMA Future Business Summit presents scenarios and potential opportunities for the mechanical and plant engineering industry
Climate change becomes a perennial issue – the current climate change conference in Bonn shows it. How can the climate targets of the Paris conference be reached? With “Power-to-X” we have developed compact scenarios for the machinery industry 2030. We will show you how and where this change affects your business and we will present the results with a top program exclusively on November 20/21 in Mainz.
VDMA Future Business has focussed on "Power-to-X" as their third trend topic. Power-to-X is an important element to illustrate the way to greenhouse gas neutrality on a global scale.

Materials of the Future

The second VDMA Future Business Summit in Darmstadt focused on innovations in materials and material components that will become important for the machinery industry in 2030. Presentations and photos available for download below.    :: For members
For entrepreneurs it is important to find out the potentials of future materials for their own and for their customers’ business. The ability to take a broader view is crucial and close collaboration with research institutes is decisive.
Materials of the future are drivers of innovation and are the second trend theme in our series "Images of the Future for the Machinery and Equipment Industry". Download of the results report of the scenario workshops.     :: For members
Future materials are a source of innovations in products and production. Which ones will become important for your business? What kind of new business opportunities will come up or will old markets be turned upside down? Where does regulation have disruptive effects? You will get answers and impulses on May 5, 2017 in Darmstadt. Join us!
Trend topic "Materials of the future" How many do you know? Which ones will become important for your business? We will present the results sf our second round of pictures of the future at the 2nd Future Business Summit in Darmstadt on May 5, 2017.

Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence

The images of the future "Machine Learning 2030" have set the starting point for further VDMA activities. The new group of experts "Machine Learning" deepens this exciting topic with committed members and VDMA actors involved.
Machine learning enables efficient control of big data and ensures that software and information technology are becoming increasingly important drivers of innovation in the machinery and equipment sector. The VDMA is therefore setting up a new "Machine Learning" working group to implement recommendations.
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have aroused great interest since the publication of our study. On 12.05.2017 we will further deepen the topic for all areas of application in the machinery and equipment industry. Our partner organization is the Fraunhofer Big Data Alliance.
The first VDMA Future Business Summit on 25.11.2016 was all about artificial intelligence, self-learning systems and data scientists. Lectures and pictures for download    :: For Members
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are the first topics in our series "Images of the Future for Machinery and Equipment Engineering". Download the results report.     :: For members
Machine Learning, a special sector of artificial intelligence, will shape the digital transformation of the economy and thus be extremely important for the machinery industry as well
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will change the machinery and equipment industry. We will show you how and why this will happen at our first Future Business Summit on November 24/25, 2016 in Stuttgart in co-operation with Fraunhofer ISI and Fraunhofer IPA.  :: For Members
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Trend Radar Mechanical Engineering 2030
The 360-degree view: trends and disruptions that may become relevant for the machinery industry in the coming years and decades, compiled as easy-to-use, straightforward trend cards. First edition 2016, in German. :: Download for members