Measuring the future - measurement and testing technology is a driver for progress in mechanical engineering

06.10.2020 The new future study "Progressive Measuring and Testing Technology 2030" by VDMA Future Business shows trends and disruptions that affect the ability to continuously offer application-oriented top quality in mechanical and plant engineering in the future. Digitalization and new measuring methods from biology and quantum technology are key factors.

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Cooperate with startups: An opportunity for mechanical engineering

18.09.2020 Mechanical engineering and start-ups are working together more and more frequently - and with success: Three out of five start-up cooperations in the mechanical engineering sector are sustainably successful. However, this is far from exhausting all potential. The new study "Strong together" by VDMA and UnternehmerTUM reveals obstacles to cooperation and identifies strategies that mechanical engineering companies can use to increase their chances of successful cooperation with start-ups.

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Circular Economy 4.0 - a megatrend for machine and plant construction

04.06.2019 Hardly any other environmental lead market profits as much from digitization as circular economy - it can become the decisive instrument for spreading and accelerating circular economy and for new opportunities through new business models.

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1st VDMA Startup Summit 2019 - Results

24.05.2019 Description of the

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Meet your perfect match: Startup-Matchmaking at the Hanover Fair

19.03.2019 Discover the most exciting young companies at the Hannover Messe - we make it possible: with Startup Matchmaking @ young tech enterprises. Here you will find startups that are really relevant for you and fit your needs. Register now!

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Machine builders and start-ups are growing together

11.03.2019 Companies in the mechanical and plant engineering sector regard start-ups as strategically important partners for the future of their industry. A VDMA member survey shows: Almost three quarters of the companies plan to cooperate with start-ups in the next three years. Small and medium-sized companies are also part of the start-up world.

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Autonomized supply chains: The future of modern value networks is digital

Fundamental change in factory organization is imminent - Solutions for an increasingly networked world characterized by complexity and individualization - Fourth VDMA Future Business Summit presents scenarios and potential for the machinery industry

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Power-to-X: Promising Contribution to Climate Protection

21.11.2017 Electric power as the foundation for other forms of energy provides solutions for a wide range of applications - Mechanical engineering is a key industry for climate protection - Third VDMA Future Business Summit presents scenarios and potential opportunities for the mechanical and plant engineering industry

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The VDMA Startup Machine goes live

29.08.2017 In the year of its 125th anniversary, the VDMA is opening its Startup Machine: a new grouping designed to bring together start-up companies and mechanical engineering firms.

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Future Materials - Source of innovations in products and production

05.05.2017 For entrepreneurs it is important to find out the potentials of future materials for their own and for their customers’ business. The ability to take a broader view is crucial and close collaboration with research institutes is decisive.

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Artificial intelligence gives Industrie 4.0 a further boost

26.04.2017 Machine Learning enables efficient mastery of Big Data and ensures that software and information technology are increasingly becoming the key drivers of innovation in mechanical engineering. The VDMA is therefore setting up a new "Machine Learning" working group to implement recommendations.

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Machine Learning will shape the future

25.11.2016 Machine Learning, a special sector of artificial intelligence, will shape the digital transformation of the economy and thus be extremely important for the machinery industry as well

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VDMA Future Business: Machine Learning is a new source of inspiration

22.04.2016 The result of the kick-off event of the Competence Center Future Business with 70 industry representatives: "Machine Learning", i.e. self-learning systems, is one of the trends that will shape the future and which VDMA and its members are now addressing at an early stage.

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VDMA: Focus on Future Business

15.10.2015 Where is the German machinery industry headed? What are the revolutionary changes that the companies have to face and what new strategies have to be found to cope with them? The German Engineering Federation (VDMA) wants to find more adequate answers to those questions and give new momentum for their members.

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